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Unity Candle & Unity Sand Ceremonies

Wedding ceremony “trends” today are often a blend of old and new traditions, with unique touches that reflect the individual personalities of the bride and groom as well as paying homage to their respective heritages.  One of the most popular additions to the wedding ceremony today is the lighting of a single candle to symbolize a couple’s unity. A bride and groom may each have their own candle and light the single one together, or in some cases family members may be included. While the lighting may take place at any time during the ceremony, it usually occurs following the exchange of vows. Depending on the location of the ceremony, the unity candle could be decorated with flowers.


In place of lighting a candle, some couples are choosing to pour two different-colored sands into one vessel, also to symbolize a couple’s unity. Two advantages here are that the sand colors can be selected to coordinate with the wedding color scheme, and if the wedding takes place outdoors – particularly on a beach – there is no worry about wind blowing out the candles.


Thanks to Liquid Light Photography for the Unity Candle photos, and The Image Mill for the Unity Sand photo.



Dinner for Two winner

Another winner of our Monthly Drawing for a Dinner-for-Two! This couple received a dinner at Caffe Luna in Raleigh.  Congratulations Sarah and Josh!


Add “A Southern Touch” to your wedding

Just the phrase "Southern Wedding" conjures up images of hospitality, charm, abundance, and making guests feel special. Our SB&G website has many useful articles, but one that we think couples are interested in — across the country! — is the one about how to add a Southern feel to your wedding, regardless of where it takes place. One of the favorite old-fashioned traditions is that of changing into "going away outfits" before leaving the reception, ostensibly embarking on the Honeymoon. Now, while many couples today choose to remain in their wedding attire the entire time, some still enjoy the "going away" change, as in the photo below from a wedding at The Matthews House, provided by Katie Hamister Photography

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