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Log Cutting Ceremony

An old German wedding custom, the tradition of cutting a log represents the first obstacle that the couple must overcome in their marriage. They must work together to “overcome the obstacle” by sawing through the log. Using a large, long saw with two handles, the couple demonstrates their teamwork to friends and family, and their willingness and ability to master the difficulties that inevitably arise in a marriage. Hopefully the log will not take too long to saw through!  SB&G tip: Try to find an old, dry log that is not too big, so you will still have time to enjoy the reception!

Below, newlyweds Anne Keefe and Tyson Lewis are cheered on by guests as they tackle their first “obstacle” during their reception at Duke Gardens in March. Anne’s father found the log in the woods, and her brothers held it in place during the sawing.  Photo by Dara Blakeley Photography.



Winners of Jekyll Island Giveaway Announced

Our brides-to-be may have received a recent SB&G newsletter announcing a special drawing to give away a "Bride's Bouquet" of Free Wedding Services at The Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  The winning couple, Megan Lanheim and Aaron Latham of Birmingham, Alabama, are planning a mid-August destination wedding at Jekyll on the hotel's Riverfront Lawn.  They have won two nights of deluxe Jacuzzi accommodations and breakfast each morning as well as $1,000 in wedding flowers, $1,000 in photographic services, and DJ services for their reception. Congratulations Megan and Aaron!

Brides, be sure to keep checking back on our Blog for more great giveaway opportunities! And if you are not on our mailing list, be sure to register on our website for great dinner and trip giveaways each month!

Photo of winners provided by Jekyll Island Club Hotel. 




This is the time of year we are out and about meeting with our recommended venues and other wedding specialists to plan their look in Southern Bride & Groom for the 2010 edition (out in late December this year). In the last week I’ve heard news that should quicken the heart of those brides-to-be out there who have been determined to find a great price deal on their own wedding… and these specials will not sacrifice QUALITY.

What’s the caveat on getting a great wedding price break? The bride has to be ready to get married and put it together quickly because many Triangle venues offering specials only have them available for their few remaining weekend dates still available for the remainder of 2009, and some for the first couple of months next year.

I was thinking that although most brides-to-be love the luxury of 6 to 12 (or more) months to plan all the details of a wedding, it really is easily do-able in much less time. Over the years I’ve been publishing SB&G and meeting brides, I’ve often been impressed by how many women I meet who tell me they put their wedding together in 3 or 4 months.

Sometimes it’s because one is in the military and working within the time available or other family time considerations, but most often it’s because they are so excited to start their married lives together as soon as possible!  After all, you only have to get the invitations delivered within 6 weeks to meet Emily Post’s traditional etiquette rules!

So, several of the hotels have these remarkable OFFERS on wedding packages right now. Don’t even think these specials will be available in the wedding season months next year. 2010 is booking strong and already looks like a big year for weddings.


Hilton RTP (often called the Hilton Mansion on the Hill). Call Janet Blood at 919-941-4848.

Millennium Durham. Call Christine Bell at 919-382-5013.

Doubletree Guest Suites. Call Amy Acosta at 919-361-4660.

ALSO try some of the other hotels and venues by specifically asking about their remainder of the year specials on available dates, or their dates for very early next year.

I would call this a great incentive to take action so snag a date and then get moving. Remember, help is just a phone call away to one of the capable wedding consultants on the SB&G Web site!


Photos Below:  Left, Hilton RTP, and right, Doubletree Guest Suites,by The Image Mill.  Bottom,Millennium Durham by Walters & Walters Photography.