Five Reasons To Hire A Wedding Consultant

Though planning a wedding may seem fun and glamorous, doing
it on your own on top of your already busy schedule can be exhausting! Because
it’s more like a full time job instead of the occasional cake tasting or flower
selection, here are five reasons to call on added manpower:

1. They’re in the know. Wedding planners have seen it all,
and with that experience comes added wisdom and insight. Consultants have the
benefit of being well versed when it comes to dealing with vendors, and they
know who’s reliable, so they’ll keep you from having to learn from your
well-intentioned mistakes and get it right the first time.

2. They’re an unbiased voice. Nothing can prepare you for
the onslaught of opinions and well-intentioned advice you’ll receive from
family members, future in-laws and married friends after you get engaged, and
with so much input, it can be hard to separate your wants from those of others.
A consultant has nothing at stake except your happiness, which they will do
everything in their power to achieve.

3. They’re there to help. Because you’ve hired them and can
trust them, planners have agreed to handle any issues that may arise on your
big day. If your outdoor wedding day delivers a torrential downpour worthy of a
hurricane warning, your planner will dry your tears and find a solution. The
smaller logistical problems can be handled by your planner without a peep,
allowing you to enjoy your day without stressing over every detail.

4. They’re not easily overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is a
lot of work, and to the inexperienced, it can be incredibly daunting.
Consultants know what needs to be done and how to accomplish it, and will be
able to keep you calm and collected despite a slew of appointments to schedule
and vendors to meet.

5. They’ll save you time and money. Though this may be the most
surprising addition to our list, it is also one of the most important!
Consultants know the good and the bad when it comes to weddings, because
they’ve seen it firsthand. They know where the deals are and who to work with
to make your big day dreams come true without shelling out your pretty pennies
on poor ideas and overpriced vendors.

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