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Tropical Inspired Wedding Tabletop from Blossom Floral Artistry

We’re back with the tenth and final installment in our series highlighting our local florists’ designs from the SBS&G 2014 Floral Shoot! Today’s post features a tropical inspired wedding tabletop from Blossom Floral Artistry.

Blossom Floral Artistry is a Pittsboro-based florist owned and operated by husband and wife, Leon and Julie. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Blossom team of designers can create a custom look for brides of any style!

For the 2014 Floral Shoot, Blossom designed a tropical inspired wedding tabletop featuring giant bamboo, lush green foliage, like Monstera leaves, papyrus, and areca palm, and vibrant flowers, including tangerine calla lilies, pure pink torch ginger, obake anthurium and dendrobium orchids.

This stunning setup is a fantastic way to bring an exotic paradise to any wedding venue, no matter the season! The bright and colorful palette of pinks, oranges, and greens pairs beautifully with the urban vibe of the Floral Shoot venue, The Cotton Room. Enjoy these photos, some never-before-seen, of Blossom’s gorgeous floral designs, courtesy of Photography by Walters & Walters.

Tropical Wedding Decor

Tropical Wedding Flowers

Bamboo Placesetting

Bamboo Wedding Centerpiece

Tropical Bridal Bouquet

Tropical Bouquet

A huge thanks to the rest of the 2014 Floral Shoot Team, including: Classic Party Rentals (bamboo chairs, stemware and linen), Tre Bella Bridal (Jenny Packham bridal gown), Bailey’s Fine Jewelry (jewelry), and Bella Trio Day Spa (hair and makeup).

Contemporary White and Green Wedding Tabletop from University Florist

We’re back with the ninth installment in our series highlighting our local florists’ designs from the SB&G 2014 Floral Shoot! Today’s post features a contemporary white and green wedding tabletop from University Florist

University Florist has been an integral part of the Chapel Hill floral scene since 1946, and carries the largest selection of flowers in the area. The shop specializes in many different colors and types of roses, and their talented staff can create floral designs for any style bride!

For the 2014 Floral Shoot, University Florist designed an elegant, contemporary white and green wedding tabletop featuring phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculus, and garden roses. The beautiful arrangements were displayed in classic glass vases, and the contemporary look was pulled together with an emerald green linen and gold accents.

The clean, modern color palette of shades of green, white and gold perfectly complemented the lush surroundings of The Doris Duke Center at Duke Gardens, and would work well for weddings of any season. Enjoy these photos, some never-before-seen, of University Florist’s stunning floral designs, courtesy of Photography by Walters & Walters.

White and Green Wedding Tablescape White Orchid Centerpiece White Green and Gold Wedding Details White and Gold Placesetting White and Green Bridal Bouquet

A huge thanks to the rest of the 2014 Floral Shoot Team, including: Party Reflections (china, linen, and chairs), Lana Addison Bridal (Claire Pettibone bridal gown and hair comb), Bailey’s Fine Jewelry (jewelry), and Bella Trio Day Spa (hair and makeup).

Wedding Invitation Trends from Union Press and Paper

Happy Friday, y’all! This is the second installment in a new series here on the SB&G blog. We’ve asked our invitation experts to share some of their current favorite trends in wedding stationery, and every Friday, we’ll be passing them on to our readers!

Today we’re sharing three wedding invitation trends from Union Press and Paper owner Sarah Almond. Union Press is the wedding-specific line from Shed Letterpress, and their mantra is “Thoughtful design for creative couples.” The Union Press line has something to match every couple’s wedding theme and style — from over-the-top elaborate to beautifully simple.

Here are Sarah’s three current favorite trends in wedding stationery.

Foil continues to be a major trend in wedding invitation design, but the new twist on this classic embellishment is the use of rose gold foil. Rose gold has taken off in the fashion industry in recent years, and is starting to take the wedding world by storm.

Rose Gold Foil Invitations

Dip Dye Embellishments
Branching off of the watercolor trend that has been popular for the last several years, one of the newest ways to incorporate soft color into your wedding stationery is dip dying.

Dip Dye Wedding Invitations

“Tea Length” Invitations
“Tea length” invitations are definitely here to stay! For a bride that wants an alternative size to traditional wedding invitations, these “tea length” beauties fit into standard #10 business envelopes without losing the lovely, formal look.

Tea Length Wedding Invitations

For more information on Shed Letterpress and Union Press and Paper, visit their websites or send an email to

The first photo is from Spoon Studio, the second and third photos are courtesy of Sarah from Union Press and Paper.

Junior League of Raleigh Fashion Forward at Belk Crabtree

On Sunday, March 9th, the Junior League of Raleigh and Belk Crabtree Valley joined together for Fashion Forward, a benefit celebrating this season’s must-have apparel trends. Attendees of the glamorous evening event enjoyed cocktails, giveaways, raffle prizes, and the night’s highlight – a marquee runway show – all to benefit the Junior League of Raleigh and its programs.

Trina Turk was this year’s premiere designer. The runway show featured her ready-to-wear, accessory, and home collections, which highlighted her use of dynamic colors and signature prints. And Trina was at the show in person – a huge treat for our local fashionistas!

Trina Turk Trina Turk at Belk Fashion Forward Belk Junior League Event Belk Fashion Forward Event 2014 Southern Women's Style Bridal Style Men's Formal Attire

Attendees enjoyed a wonderful evening of fashion, fun, and of course, a good cause, at the Junior League of Raleigh’s Fashion Forward at Belk Crabtree.

All photos are courtesy of Bradley Rhyne Photography. 

Wedding Invitation Trends from PULP

Happy Friday, y’all! This is the first installment in a brand new series here on the SB&G blog. We’ve asked our invitation experts to share some of their current favorite trends in wedding stationery, and every Friday, we’ll be passing them on to our readers!

Today we’re sharing three wedding invitation trends from PULP owner, Molly. PULP is the new Triangle-based business that hosts DIY workshops to help inspire couples to design their own custom wedding invitations on a budget! Couples can work with their staff to create a personalized look from start to finish – from the save the dates and invitations to the day-of papers, like the programs and cocktail napkins!

Here are Molly’s three current favorite trends in stationery, and tips on how to include them in your own wedding invitations!

Hand Lettering and Interesting Calligraphy
This may be the biggest trend of all right now, it’s all about getting away from fonts and using something artfully and lovingly created by hand instead. Hand lettering can range from wildly whimsical to extremely formal to complement the theme of your wedding, and nothing puts a finishing touch on a beautiful invitation suite like nicely addressed envelopes!

Invitation Hand Lettering

To get the look, couples can hire an artist to do the calligraphy by hand, or, for a more budget-friendly option, they can download a free calligraphy-like font to use on their DIY invitations.

Unexpected Details
This trend is all about surprising recipients with unique touches. From gorgeous envelope liners to custom wax seals, the tiny details are really what make your wedding stationery magical.

Custom Artwork Invitation

Couples can create a custom envelope liner, or hire someone extraordinary to do custom artwork to include in their invitation suite – think a personalized monogram, a custom map, or even cameos of the bride and groom! Original details are the best way to make an invitation one-of-a-kind.

This is one of the most-requested trends in wedding invitations right now. Brides want stationery that folds open to reveal not only an invitation, but also stores inserts, like reply cards, reception cards, accommodation cards, maps, and accessories. This trend is great because it’s interactive – recipients unfold or open elements to get to the invitation, almost like they’re opening a small gift!

Pocketfold Invitation

Pocketfolds can be combined with other popular stationery trends, like letterpress, to create an over-the-top luxurious look. While they’re generally more expensive than flat invitations, costs can be cut by combining a pocketfold with flat printing to make a look that’s all your own.

For more information on PULP and to sign up for a class, visit their website or send an email to

All photos are courtesy of f8 Photo Studios.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Color Palette

Whether it’s bold and bright, shiny and metallic, or soft and pastel, a defined wedding color palette is essential to a cohesive wedding celebration. Your color palette dictates the overall look of the event and each part of the décor. Utilizing consistent hues throughout the ceremony and reception pulls everything – from the bridesmaids’ dresses and floral arrangements to the invitations and the table linens – beautifully together.

Deciding on a color palette can be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of inspirational ideas from wedding blogs and sites like Pinterest. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help guide you in the process of selecting the perfect wedding color palette.

Spring Wedding Inspiration

First, think seasonally. When will the wedding take place? The colors of the season, be it winter, spring, summer or fall, are a great starting point for finding your ideal colors. Then, consider your ceremony and reception spaces. Are you saying “I do” in a church? A formal ballroom? An outdoor garden? Some venues may have a fixed look – think carpet or paint – while others may be more of a blank canvas. It’s important to think about how your selected color palette will pair with things you cannot change, or how it will make a statement in a plain space.

Try to select colors that represent both you and your fiancé. If he leans towards moody grays or neutrals, and you like pops of color, that’s great! You can incorporate colors in a variety of ways. To choose coordinating colors, think complementary (colors opposite of each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange), monochromatic (colors with slight variations of the same tone, like blush, pink, and hot pink), or analogous (colors next to each other on the color wheel, like mint, light blue, and royal blue).

Lastly, try to limit the palette to three main colors – a main color, a second to complement and support, and a third to use sparingly as accents. Use your wedding colors in everything from small details – like the stationery and the favors – to eye-catching ways – like the bridesmaids’ dresses, floral arrangements, and the reception décor.

In honor of yesterday being the first day of spring, here’s a warm-weather color palette we just can’t get enough of!

St. Patrick’s Day Green Wedding Inspiration

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we thought today would be perfect to share our green wedding inspiration board.

Whether you’re Irish or not, incorporating details of the holiday can be a fun addition to any wedding day celebration. St. Patrick’s weddings don’t need to include the holiday’s obvious associations, like leprechauns or pots of gold; instead, think subtle touches, like a green and gold color palette or an Irish-inspired menu.

Green Wedding Inspiration
With several hues of green, like mint and emerald, skyrocketing in popularity in the wedding world, incorporating green into your wedding day color palette is a cinch. The hue is versatile enough for weddings during any season, and can be paired with anything from neutrals like ivory, cloud, or grey, to metallics like gold, silver, or even rose gold! Use green in your flowers, your decor, or your bridesmaids dresses, or in more subtle ways like your wedding day heels, the groom’s bow tie, or your stationery — the options are endless!


Bridal Shower Etiquette — Celebrating the Bride-to-Be with a Shower

Throwing a shower for the bride-to-be is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. Over the years, the practices surrounding the event have gotten a bit muddled, so today we’re answering some of the most common questions about bridal shower etiquette.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Anna Kirby Photography

Who Hosts the Shower?
Traditionally, a shower should not be hosted by the bride’s immediate relatives — such as her mother, future mother-in-law, or sister — since it would appear as if the family was trying to garner as many gifts as possible, though these guests can take on the role of co-host if necessary.

The maid of honor or the bridesmaids typically share the responsibility of throwing a shower for the bride-to-be, but these days, more brides and grooms are living in cities other than the one where they grew up, and it’s unrealistic to assume that the maid of honor who lives several states away will be able to plan a successful shower without the help of those nearer to the bride. So today, who hosts the shower comes down to who wants to host it; if others closer to the bride — like her aunts, her mom’s friends, or her coworkers — want to have a shower in her honor, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Who’s Invited?
Typically, anyone invited to the shower will also be on the wedding guest list. The main reason behind this is that the bridal shower is a time for those close to the couple to share in their excitement for their upcoming nuptials — bridal shower attendees will be discussing the wedding and all the preparation going into the big day, so it would be incredibly uncomfortable to have individuals there who weren’t going to be invited to the wedding day festivities.

The only exception to this is in the case of an office shower. Coworkers may want to gather to celebrate the bride, but they may not all be invited to the wedding. An office shower should not include office staff who do not know the bride-to-be well, or anyone who feels coerced into participating.

Should You Register? How do You Relay that Information?
We think that brides and groom should always register! A bridal registry takes the guesswork out of selecting a gift, and is almost always truly welcomed by guests. Register early, at several different places, and for a wide range of gifts at various price points.

It is common knowledge that it is poor etiquette to reference your wedding registry on the save the date or wedding invitation, but when it comes to a shower, the rules are a little different. It is acceptable to include registry information with the shower invitations, but not written on them. The stores where you register will usually provide cards that are the perfect size to insert into the invitation’s envelope. You can also include a link to the couple’s wedding website, which often has information regarding their gift registries.

Gifts given at bridal showers used to be smaller tokens like fresh flowers or baked goods. These days, it is more common for guests to give the bride-to-be something of higher value — remember that if a shower guest brings something larger or from the bridal registry, they are not obligated to bring an additional gift to the wedding.

Mix Up the Guest List
If you’re having more than one shower, be sure that the guest lists are different. Close family members and the wedding party are almost always the only individuals who should be invited to more than one shower. Keep in mind that guests to more than one shower are still only obligated to give one gift.

Always, Always Say Thank You
Sending thank you notes is the number one rule of bridal shower etiquette! Brides, designate someone at the shower (typically the maid of honor) to take note of who gave which gift, and be prepared to get started on thank you notes right away. Enlist the groom to help! After all, he’s getting gifts as well — many showers these days are couples showers rather than bridal showers, where friends of both the bride and the groom are invited. Remember not to use the gifts until after the wedding date, in case plans change and they need to be returned.

Fresh Affairs Tabletop Extravaganza 2014

Fresh Affairs is an award-winning florist located in Raleigh, NC. Owner Lyn Graves has made flowers his life’s passion – he set up his first wedding at age 9, and his portfolio now includes over 11,000 weddings and events in more than 14 states. Fresh Affairs has won more than 75 state and national design competitions, designed for the governor’s inauguration, President Clinton’s inauguration, and even been inducted into the North Carolina State Florist Association Hall of Fame.

Every year, Fresh Affairs hosts an event called Tabletop Extravaganza, where brides-to-be can explore many different options for floral tabletop designs and get inspired for their own wedding day. The Fresh Affairs Tabletop Extravaganza 2014 showcased several one-of-a-kind designs in a variety of styles. A fabulous team of vendors helped put together the amazing event, including: Party Reflections, Rocky Top Catering, Paper Café, Joe Bunn DJ Company, Lana Addison Bridal, Total Production Services, Ashley Cakes, and Heart Stone Films.

Check out these beautiful photos of the Fresh Affairs design team’s creations for this year’s event, courtesy of Photography by Walters & Walters. We’ve also included a video from Heart Stone Films!

White Wedding Tabletop Canopy with Crystals Wedding Altar Pink Tulips White and Silver Wedding Decor Silver Wedding Tablescape Pink and Silver Wedding Tabletop Silver Placesetting White Wedding Tablescape Green Wedding Decor Pink and White Wedding Flowers Silver and Pink Wedding Tablescape Gold and Orange Wedding Decor Orange Wedding Flowers Silver Wedding Decor Wedding Food

Wedding Dress Silhouette Style Guide

As a bride, it’s natural to want to look your absolute best on your wedding day — aside from you and your soon-to-be husband, your wedding dress will be front and center on the big day. Finding the right gown is essential, but with with everyone having different body types and the abundance of dress styles on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the prospect of dress shopping.

Today, we’re breaking down the five most popular styles in a user-friendly wedding dress silhouette style guide so that you can get a grip on the industry’s terminology and figure out which look you like best before stepping into a bridal boutique to try on gowns! After all, the silhouette is the gown’s most prominent feature, and you want it to both flatter your shape and make you feel beautiful.

Check out the graphic below to determine what silhouette you believe suits you, and read further for an in-depth description of each style. Be sure to check out our previous post about wedding dress neckline styles, too!

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

An A-line, or princess gown, is fitted at the bodice and has vertical seams that flow out from the shoulder all the way to the ground in an unbroken line, creating a flared skirt that resembles an “A” shape. A modified A-line has a slightly more fitted skirt that a traditional A-line gown, giving you a more defined shape. A-line gowns are incredibly popular because they are almost universally flattering for every body type.

A ballgown is fitted at the bodice and features a (very!) full skirt that begins at the natural waist. It’s a very traditional wedding gown style — think Cinderella! Ballgowns are great for brides who are pear-shaped, as they highlight the waist and minimize the lower body.

A sheath dress is a sleek gown that fits very closely to the contours of the body. The narrow shape of the gown flows straight from the neckline to the hem with no defined waist, and is great for thin, silky fabrics and summery beach or destination weddings. Sheath gowns are for confident brides who want to show off their shape!

A mermaid gown fits closely to the body from the chest all the way to the knee and then flares out dramatically to the hem, resembling a fish tail. This silhouette is perfect for an elegant evening wedding or black tie affair. Mermaid gowns are a wonderful choice for brides with an hourglass figure who want to accentuate their curves.

Trumpet gowns fit closely to the body until mid-hip, where they then gradually widen to the hem, resembling the mouth of a trumpet. A trumpet gown features a tight bodice and a drop-waist, which highlights the bride’s every curve. The trumpet silhouette is often confused with the mermaid because each features a fitted bodice and flared skirt, but trumpet gowns flare from the hip while mermaid gowns flare from below the knee.

Source for photos used in mood board.