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Creative Wedding Grand Exit Ideas

Throwing rice as the newlyweds leave the reception is a thing of the past, but couples are still finding ways to make a splash during their grand exit. Brides and grooms are turning to more creative ways to make their exit memorable for both the couple and their guests. Here are eight creative wedding grand exit ideas.

Be sure to check with your reception venue before selecting a grand exit idea, as some will have restrictions on what is and isn’t acceptable.

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasRenee Sprink Photography

1. Sparklers are one of the most popular send offs today, and that’s because they make for an exciting exit and provide for some truly amazing photo ops. Sparklers are glamorous, and add a sense of whimsy to the wedding day celebrations.

2. Eco-friendly confetti is biodegradable, so it’s easy on the environment! Give each guest a paper cone full of confetti or use typical poppers for a joyous exit.

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasPhotography by Walters & Walters

3. Flower petals make for an exit that oozes romance. Let your guests shower your and your new husband in petals customized to match your wedding’s color scheme. Chat with your florist in advance to determine the best types of blooms available for tossing.

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasLuster Studios

4. Bubbles are a classic send off favorite. They add a playful touch to your exit, but don’t leave any mess to clean up! Cute bubble bottles with a decorative ribbon can also double as favors.

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasNancy Ray Photography

5. Ribbon wands allow your guests to stay in party-mode. The streamers can be customized to match your wedding colors, and the vibrancy will make for exciting photo ops!

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasAzul Photography

6. Noisemakers are perfect for a party crowd, and can be customized to fit your wedding style. Think kazoos, bells (a Southern tradition), horns, maracas, or whistles – a perfect loud and cheerful exit without any required clean up!

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasDara Blakeley Photography

7. Pom pom exits are a great way to show your school spirit. If you and your beau have different sports allegiances, consider having poms representing both team’s colors and letting your guests pick a side.

Creative Wedding Grand Exit IdeasScott M. Peters Photography

8. Getaway vehicles spice up a grand exit. Think rickshaws, flashy vintage cars, horse drawn carriages, trollies or golf carts to really leave your big day in style.

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