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Floral Inspiration at Raleigh NCMA Art in Bloom Festival

From bridal bouquets to table centerpieces to petals the flower girl sheds down the aisle, flowers play a big part in creating the look and adding to the ambience of your wedding. You don’t just have to look just at photos of flowers to get inspiration either…look at what some florists can create when inspired by works of art!
Special exhibits at the NCMA in RaleighArt in Bloom, the North Carolina Museum of Art’s (NCMA) April festival of art and flowers, is in its second year. This four-day festival runs April 7-10, 2016 and will draw over 5,000 visitors to the West Building gallery, which contains the museums permanent collection. It’s a wonderful way to get people to visit the gallery with a brand new perspective and these gorgeous pops of color bring new life to old artifacts and paintings. (Tickets are $15 for nonmembers; $10 for museum members, and free for children under six.)
Art and flowers on displayColorful wedding flower ideasSculptures and art at the NCMA RaleighFloral designers from across North Carolina and beyond are tasked with interpreting masterworks from the permanent collection in 56 breathtaking flower displays. During Art in Bloom the NCMA also features master classes, presentations, family activities, an opening reception, and many more events (ticketed separately).

Florists who take part are assigned a work of art via a lottery system; they then have time to think of a design and a day to put it together on display at the museum near their art piece. Winners from last year get two displays, including a large, stand-alone platform not tied to a piece of art, but instead, standing as a work of art on its own.
Annual Art in Bloom exhibit at the NCMAWe loved seeing the artistic interpretations by our talented SB&G florists below!

Blossom Artistry brightened up the male bust sculpture by creating a literal interpretation made in a rainbow assortment of flowers, adding a vibrant pop of color against the white walls of the gallery.
Raleigh Florists at Art in Bloom NCMAEnglish Garden created a complex platform made from old doors and windows. It has a charming shabby chic feel with flowers hanging from the edges and squares of living art…and it talks! Two small monitors contain footage of the family of florists. When owner, Cydney English decided to do an installation piece pairing a portrait of florist life, her mother at first protested being filmed, but then sat down to speak and had so much insightful information to share. See and hear for yourself at their display.
English Garden at Art in Bloom RaleighSpecial exhibits at North Carolina Museum of ArtThe painting that served as inspiration for Eclectic Sage’s design is interpreted in the rich, dark colors of maroon, brown, red and green with roses, orchids, tulips, branches and greenery.
Raleigh florist Eclectic Sage at NCMAEclectic Sage Raleigh Florist displayCatering Works had fun with the details of their design and interpretation of the West Mexican standing female figure artifact by mixing textural elements like carved wood orbs with strands of flowers, dessert succulents, and terra cotta bowls.
Art in Bloom at NCMACatering Works Raleigh florist at Art in BloomArt in BloomDon’t miss your chance to see this special exhibit at the NCMA and get some inspiring and artistic ideas for your own wedding.

Photos by Riley MacLean Photography

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