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Tips to Honor the Father of the Bride at a Wedding

How to Honor the Father of the Bride

Gifts, Memories & Other Ideas to Share With Your Father at Your Wedding 

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner (this Sunday!) – we thought we’d dedicate this Friday post to ideas that will make the Father of the bride feel special on his daughter’s wedding day; to show him that no matter how old you are, or who comes into your life, you’ll always be his little girl.

How to Honor Father of the Bride Tip #1
Give Him A Little Gift

Some of our favorite tokens on a wedding day are small gifts given from the bride to her father, like an embroidered handkerchief, personalized cufflinks, or a special photo opportunity. Your father will absolutely love the thought that went behind whatever gift you choose. It’s the sentiment that counts, not so much the actual item. So don’t stress about what he would want, but choose a gift from the heart.

Father daughter at wedding Fancy This Photography
Father Daughter Moment Fancy This Photography

Photo by Fancy This Photography

How to Honor Father of the Bride Tip #2
Give Him A Bear Hug When He Gives You Away

Giving their child away at a wedding may be one of the hardest moments for a father. The symbol that passing their child to their future husband holds is emotionally tough for any dad. Let your dad know he’s still your number 1 guy with a big hug and kiss before you join your fiancé at the altar. A little display of your love and appreciation for him will make him feel so honored and may make the moment a little easier on them.

father daughter moment erin costa

Photo by Erin Costa Photography

How to Honor Father of the Bride Tip #3
Let Him Surprise You With A Father/Daughter Dance Song

While you may want to be a part of every decision in your wedding planning, give your dad the opportunity to help! Let him surprise you with a song to have your father/daughter dance to. Not only will it mean so much to him, but it could also be a ton of fun to see what he comes up with! If the thought of completely letting go of the decision stresses you out too much, maybe give him some examples of tempos you are thinking.

Father Daughter Dance 2Washington Duke Riley Maclean

Photo by Riley Maclean Photography

How to Honor Father of the Bride Tip #4
Write Him a Thank You Note

As the years go by, handwritten thank you notes have become less and less customary. Nothing shows how thankful you really are more than words from the heart. Put your pen to paper and thank your father for everything he’s done for you for your entire life. It will almost definitely bring tears to his eyes.

Bride and Father dancing at Merrimon Wynne Wedding

Photo via Katherine Miles Jones

Give your dads a huge hug this weekend, ladies, and Happy Father’s Day!

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