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Tips On Creating The Perfect MOH Speech

How To Nail Your Maid Of Honor Speech

While being asked to be a Maid of Honor for a wedding is extraordinarily flattering, it is also extremely stressful. Putting aside the numerous other tasks you are asked to do, one of the most difficult items for a MOH is giving “the speech”. For many, public speaking does not come naturally. Then include the added pressure of a wedding and having to speak about heartfelt sentiments in front of hundreds of people you know and love.

So for all you MOHs out there, here are some tips on nailing your speech at your besties wedding!

Start Early

If you’re not a natural in front of a crowd, procrastinating will only make it worse. About a month before the big day, start jotting down ideas, and then a few weeks before, shape your notes into a speech. Get some input from the other bridesmaids! This will prevent last minute panic attacks and frantic chugging of champagne.

Be Yourself

If you’re not a natural comedian, don’t force it. Being sentimental is just as perfect as opening with a joke, so just be you. Your best friend/sister asked you because they love you and the person you are. They will be happy with hearing the words that come from the heart.

Keep it Short & Sweet

Remember the basics: Congratulate the bride and groom on their new life together and thank their families for hosting such a lovely event. Tell the guests who you are and how you know the bride. Don’t feel pressured to drone on and on while repeating yourself, it’s best to keep your speech under the five minute mark. So, say what you want to say, and raise your glass (let’s be honest, the bride will most likely be in tears at that point anyway — happy tears, of course!)

Stay Sincere

Tell the bride and groom why you’re so happy for them and what you really wish for them in life. Don’t take the easy way out with an overused quote about love — speak from the heart. Tell stories about the bride’s past if you like, but leave out exes and anything else that might embarrass her.

Speak to Both Parties

Just because you’re best friends with the bride, don’t forget the groom! When did you know that your bests friend had found ‘The One’? Sentiments like this will hit home with the entire guest list and be the most memorable part of your speech.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

The more you practice your toast, the more comfortable you’ll be with it. Rehearse in front of family members of friends and get their input. The more confident you can be before taking the microphone, the better! No one will notice your shaking hands (it’s normal to be nervous!) but they will notice if you don’t smile and race through your speech while staring at the floor.

Don’t Forget to Take a Sip!

Remember, in the end, this is a toast! Close with a blessing for the couple, or something to give your speech a definite ending, and don’t forget to take a sip after you raise your glass – it’s for good luck!


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