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Meet Raleigh Wedding DJ SPIN

SB&G’s preferred DJs are true talents who set the mood for your big event – whether you envision a small elegant evening, a large ruckus party into the morning, or just a mix of new music and the classics!

Ryan Pflumm and Allen Smith of SPIN are both established DJs in Raleigh with extensive club and wedding experience. They joined forces six years ago and founded SPIN. They are dedicated to further education through local event professional organizations, and Ryan has been a board member and speaker on behalf of this cause, both locally and nationally.
SPIN djs Raleigh featured on www.southernbrideandgroom.comPhoto: Brian Mullins Photography

SB&G: What is your company’s brand?

Ryan: SPIN’s mission is to make every event special by creating a fun inviting atmosphere to help make your occasion meaningful and memorable.

SB&G: What makes your company unique among the other NC wedding DJ companies?

Allen: We enjoy creating a custom and personalized music entertainment experience for each wedding. We feel that the biggest differentiation between most of the DJ’s in the market is their personality. To make sure each of our brides is matched with the right DJ, we actually use a digital personality matcher! Our couples love it.

Ryan: And beyond personality matching, we are both involved with event professional organizations locally and nationally, which has helps us approach events from a perspective of how to make the whole thing come together and run smoothly. We value entertainment, but also respect the event and understand that a wedding is all about the couple.

SB&G: How many DJs do you have?

Ryan: Locally, our wedding division includes myself, Allen, and one other DJ – Dave Cecil aka “DJ Spin.” We also have a fantastic DJ in Myrtle Beach who can do weddings in that area.

SB&G: How would you describe your style or ideal couple to work with?

Allen: I’m pretty easy-going so get along with lots of different people, but one common match for me is a couple that is chill to chat with, but appreciates the value of great professional help.

Ryan adds that Allen’s laid back nature makes him a great fit for more outgoing brides and couples looking for a rowdy dance party!

Ryan: My ideal bride knows exactly what she wants and her fiancé is involved and dedicated to the relationship. She is laid back – but only when people live up to her expectations and she has established trust. She has really eclectic yet refined taste. People often ask me if I get tired of all the typical wedding songs. And the answer is “No,” because most of my clients don’t ask me for those!

SB&G: Do you offer any other services?

Allen: We offer ceremony service, lighting, MC, video dj services, and our newest initiative is a band called “Infused,” that plays in conjunction with one of our DJs.
Raleigh wedding dj featured on www.southernbrideandgroom.comSB&G: Tell us more about the DJ-with-band!

Ryan: The way it works is the DJ is the front-man of the band and mixes like a normal DJ would. The band then creates a new style of mashup where the instruments can both compliment the song as well as go a different direction to make it new. All of this ties together by creating more energy for the DJ experience. We’re the first one to bring this trend to our area and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s a great solution if one person wants a band but the other wants less traditional wedding songs or an eclectic playlist that needs some extra effects.

SB&G: How far out do you book?

Ryan: In North Carolina, nine months out is safe, except in the peak wedding months. If wedding is in May, June, September, or October, for example, plan to book at least a year in advance.

Allen: We recommend contacting starting the conversation soon after you’ve got your date and venue set.

SB&G: What’s the best way to check out your style?

Allen: The best way is to meet with us! We can chat music while listening to some tracks together, and talking about versions of the songs. It’s also another opportunity for us to help customize your event if you have a vision of how you want the music presented.

SB&G: What’s the best compliment a past bride or groom has ever given you?

Allen: Without being prompted I have received a large number of “best day ever” compliments.

Ryan: I was really honored when one bride who had read my reviews say she would change her date if I wasn’t available.
Wedding music by SPINPhoto: Southern Love Studios

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