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Personalize a Creative Countdown Favor for Your Wedding Day

When you give someone a personalized gift, it not only shows how much thought and care you put into it, it’s also truly one of a kind!

That’s exactly the type of product produced by a local SB&G preferred vendor, Creative Countdown. They are the only personalized countdown calendar creators out there, making the perfect favors for bridal showers, between brides and grooms, or for friends who are getting married…or celebrating any major life event!
Bridal shower wedding favorsThe idea for Creative Countdown was sparked when Joanie Hickey wanted to give friend Amy Gamber and her husband a unique gift while they were awaiting the birth of their child. She thought a personalized countdown would be a fun way to anticipate the big day, but after days of scouring the internet, she learned that no such product existed and decided to put her graphic design experience to work. When she presented that first ‘Baby Countdown: A list of things to do before your new baby arrives,’ it was a big hit with Amy!

After showing off her special made calendar, Amy soon realized there was a market for people who wanted to create countdowns of their own, so she approached Joanie about making it a marketable product and they’ve been growing their calendar line since 2012!
Personalized calender countdown for weddingCreative Countdown now has flip stand and tear-off options, as well as the ability to email countdowns to large corporate and organizational groups. The custom countdown builder has over a thousand quick-fill suggested entries to common events, perfect for bridal showers, weddings and just about any other event!

Each countdown is created unique, so the options are endless. For weddings, Creative Countdowns can be given as shower gifts or as gifts from the groom to the bride (and vice-versa), and are also often given as a gift to the parents.

Messages inside can be funny, emotional, silly or spiritual – you can even get a calendar with the daily messages blank for on-the-spot personalization. They can be used as a sign-in for the bridal shower, with each guest leaving a personal note or advice to the bride on the final days of the countdown.

Personalized wedding favors around Raleigh NC

Here’s an example of some of the fun ideas you can have in your Wedding Shower calendar:

1. Adam, Get a good feel of those silky smooth legs under the covers. Once you put a ring on it, watch out! You’re gonna get cut!
2. Greg, leave the cap off the toothpaste today. It’s one of the last days you’ll get away with it
3. Anne, its girl’s night out tonight! Grab Julie, Michelle and Alyce for a little last hurrah!
4. Nancy and Dave, remember that tomorrow is not the last day, but the beginning of your life together as Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Today, forget the stress and just relish the anticipation.
5. Lisa and Jason, write each other a love note and hide it in a place it will be found.

When it comes to counting down the days to you (or your friends’) wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative!
Bridal shower gifts RaleighPhotos courtesy of Creative Countdown and Brian Mullins Photography

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