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Raleigh Raw Juice Cleanse for Your Wedding

Sherif Fouad, the founder of Raleigh Raw, became interested in the importance of a healthy lifestyle after his family endured several bouts with degenerative diseases. He spent years doing medical research that eventually inspired him to teach others about the benefits of fueling their bodies with real food. Eight years ago, Raleigh Raw was born, and Sherif uses it as an outlet to promote the positive health effects of natural, organic, and raw foods.

Raleigh Raw Juices
Raleigh Raw is not your average juicer. Their juices are not only chock-full of fruits and vegetables, but also always organic, local when possible, and never pasteurized. The staff combined extensive bartending expertise with a love for real food and created the largest cold-pressed juice menu in North Carolina, and they’ve developed a cleanse program that supports your daily nutritional needs.

SB&G recently teamed up with Raleigh Raw to give a bride-to-be a free juice cleanse for herself and two friends to use prior to her wedding day. Lauren, our winner, used the cleanse with her groom-to-be and her brother. Her feedback was positive; she loved the variety of juices she was able to try each day and was pleasantly surprised to lose 7 pounds in the three-day cleanse! Here’s what else she had to say:

Juice Cleanse Winners
What fitness and nutrition regimen did you use to prepare for the big day?
I work out 3-5 times a week at a local gym in Raleigh called CORE. One of the trainers, Jojo Polk, has the best interval, high intensity workouts for all levels – it changed my body completely. I also watched my diet for the last 60 days before the wedding. I’ve noticed a big change in my body by cutting out alcohol during the week.

What were the first thoughts that came to your head when you heard the words ‘juice cleanse”?
It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but I’ve been too nervous to actually do. When I saw the contest so close to my wedding I thought, “I at least need to enter to see if I’ll win!”

How did your juicing team two support one another during the cleanse?
My fiancé, Carter, and I made a promise to eat healthy and workout before the wedding. He and my brother, Adam, agreed to do the cleanse with me. We knew it was only for three days, so when we were tempted to eat something we would call the other up and talk about our upcoming (all inclusive) honeymoon trip to St. Lucia and all the delicious food we would be having.

What was the meal or food were you craving most during the cleanse?
Jersey Mike’s turkey breast and provolone sub (Mike’s way, of course).

If you could bring a case of one Raleigh Raw juice in your suitcase for your honeymoon, which would it be?
I really liked the Morning Glory. It was the first juice during the cleanse and I could see myself having one in the morning since I’m not a huge breakfast person.

What was the biggest surprise you had during the juice cleanse?
How much weight I dropped! I lost about seven pounds after the three day cleanse.

How did you feel during the cleanse? What was the high and what was the low?
The high — Eliminating all the toxins from my body and the weight loss.

The low — I was really hungry the second day. It is a different type of “full” feeling since I only had liquids in my system, so it was harder to do my normal workouts.

What’s your first, post-wedding honeymoon indulgence going to be?
Lobster, steak, and a glass of wine!

Describe your experience on the cleanse in three words:
Different, Challenging, Rewarding

Photo Credit Cynthia Rose Photography

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