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Real NC Venue – Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel in Durham is an extremely popular location for weddings in the South, and a gorgeous one at that! Brides flock to the chapel for monthly sign-ups…literally! Since the sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis, many couples have taken to camping out the night before to ensure they are able to book a preferred date! Although many brides who book Duke Chapel host their wedding reception at nearby Duke-affiliated sites such as Duke Gardens, the Nasher Museum of Art, or the Washington Duke Inn, the Chapel is such a wonderful venue that couples are willing to host their ceremony there despite the distance (be it near or far) from their reception space.

More information on “tenting” (the when, what, why and how) can be found on the Duke Chapel Weddings Page.

The chapel is renowned for its breathtaking medieval-style architecture. Its high ceilings, stunning stained glass windows and stone towers provide perfectly-picturesque backdrops for your big day. Below are some of our favorite images from ceremonies at Duke Chapel…enjoy!

Photo credits: Row 1. Photography by Walters & Walters (left) & Dara Blakeley Photography (right); Row 2. Dara Blakeley Photography; Row 3. Krystal Kast (left) & Brian Mullins Photography (right); Row 4. Dara Blakeley Photography; Row 5. Neil Boyd Photography (left) & Scott Faber Photography (right); Row 6. Photography by Walters & Walters; Row 7. Kristin Byrum Photography (left) & Photography by Walters & Walters (right)

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