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Southern Bride & Groom 2014 Magazine ~ Behind the Scenes at the Printing Press

We can hardly contain our excitement at Southern Bride & Groom this week! Our 2014 magazine is printed and we are just a few days away from holding the final product in our hands – another year’s labor of love!

Southern Bride & Groom is proud that we have always printed here in the USA! Printing locally is not only a great thing for the integrity of our magazine, but the quality of our product. Each year, our amazing Art Director Patricia goes to the printing press so she can oversee the entire process. This year, I wanted to see the action, so Mom and I drove up for a little field trip. It was a fascinating experience to see the huge operation of a printing press – we toured the entire facility. Take a look at these images below – you really get an idea of how massive this operation is! The second photo is the press used to produce all interior pages of our 2014 Southern Bride & Groom magazine.



After our tour, we stuck around to see the printing of the first three “sigs” (sections of the magazine), and shadowed Patricia as she made color adjustments to her liking. She actually checks each page, one by one, against the final proof, as each section is printed. This is a long and grueling process – proof one section, wait about an hour for it to be printed, and so on until it’s complete (about a 10-12 hour time period – usually running late into the twilight hours). It’s a long night – but worth it to her in the end when our color looks beautiful on each and every page of the magazine!


Here she comes!!


After each section is printed here, they are taken to another machine to be bound to the covers – which are printed on a separate, hand-fed printer. Then, they are boxed up and a truck drives them straight to Mom’s garage! Stay tuned next week for the official launch of Southern Bride & Groom magazine 2014 – our 27th annual year as the NC Triangle Area’s top wedding resource guide. Monday we’ll be revealing our STUNNING Winter/Spring cover, and Wednesday we’ll be releasing a behind-the-scenes video from our floral shoot.

For a video that shows a little more “action” at the press – check out this Instagram Post.

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