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Soft Artistic Style of Raleigh Wedding Photographer Casey Rose

Southern Bride & Groom works with some of the best wedding photographers in the Raleigh-Durham area and all across North Carolina. We’re thrilled to feature a North Carolina wedding photographer spotlight series so that you can get to know each of them a little better! Today, we’re sharing the soft artistic style of Raleigh wedding photographer Casey Rose.
Raleigh NC photography shoots classic white bouquetCasey Rose and her husband grew up in Pennsylvania, but lived in California and New York before putting down roots in North Carolina after her husband was offered a tenure position at NC State. Now, almost 13 years later, Casey consumes enough sweet tea that she feels like she can (probably) now call herself a Southerner! Their two adorable kids, Liam and Emeili, served time as photography “subjects” while Casey studied photography and needed “willing” participants. Now, she (and they) are happy she has so many beautiful brides to photograph!

Casey is self-taught, taking a number of years to study photography and business/marketing before opening her business in 2010. Learn more about her in our Q&A below…
The Glass Box bridesmaids in RaleighWhy do you love photography?

I have always loved art, design and storytelling, so photography feels natural to me, but it’s a never-ending process…I always want to continue to study and grow.

When I was younger, I used to think that to be an artist you had to know how to paint or to draw, so I didn’t follow my heart into a career in the arts because I couldn’t do those two things. When I discovered photography, it was instant recognition that I was supposed to be behind the camera. Now I just see art as anything that evokes an emotion and creates a connection.

I absolutely love wedding photography because I love being a part of the start of a marriage. I love making connections with the couple and creating beauty that represents their love. I love that clients trust me enough to capture those emotions and represent a story of their day.
Casey Rose Raleigh wedding photographerWhere do you draw your artistic inspiration?

I draw inspiration from colors, interior design, architectural details, fashion, paintings, literature, poetry, and photography.

I love listening to couples as they describe their relationship and ideal marriage. These words really play a part in my approach to capturing the day as it naturally unfolds.

Do you shoot digital or film, or are you a hybrid photographer? 

Currently I am a hybrid photographer, shooting part film/part digital and I love working with both digital and film on a wedding day. At first, I added film to my workflow for styled shoots, bridal portrait sessions, and engagement sessions, but I loved the look and process so much that it wasn’t long before I was carrying my Contax 645 more and more to weddings. Now, I shoot about a third of my wedding images in film with low-light reception images being created primarily with my digital camera.
Film photography used in weddingsWhat do you think sets you apart from other photographers?

I think all photographers offer unique advantages, so it’s really a matter of connecting with the couple. I know that it is a deeply personal decision for them.

I offer a customized wedding experience that includes more than just photography on the wedding day – it involves cultivating relationships with both the couple and their families; it involves listening to their needs and going out of my way to surprise them with details. I love working with the couple (and their event designer) to outline the perfect timeline so that the wedding day runs smoothly. Like great literature, all the little chosen details have meaning and help tell the story that I strive to capture on camera.
Candid wedding photographyWhat is your favorite thing or moment to shoot at a wedding?

The ceremony and couple portraits are my favorite moments. I love how the couple will steal glances with one another during the ceremony while making their vows. It’s so intimate, and yet, shared with everyone they love. I also love the couple portraits/first-glimpse for a similar reason. There is such tenderness between a couple on the wedding day and I love documenting that raw emotion between them. There is seriously nothing sweeter!
Casey Rose film photography in Raleigh NCImages by Casey Rose Photography

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