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Tips For Creating Your Wedding Registry

Creating your registry with your fiancé can be one of the
most fun and exciting parts of the wedding planning process, but also one of
the most overwhelming. SB&G is here to provide you with some simple tips to
ensure that you register for things you will love and actually use!

Consider Your Guest
It’s best to register at two to four places to give your
guests a range of options in price and selection. However, don’t register for
the inexpensive items for fear of looking gluttonous – most items that are
cheap are have low price tags for a reason and won’t hold up, so you’ll just
end up replacing them in the long run.

Know How You Live
Registry items are totally personal preference! If you’re
not the best cook, or never even think about baking from scratch, a Kitchenaid
mixer probably shouldn’t top your registry list. First of all, it’s expensive,
and those generous dollars from your friends and family are better off going
towards something you’ll actually enjoy receiving. Second, you probably thought
about registering for it because it’s “expected” or “popular” to do so. Toss
out these notions of who you “should be someday”, and instead focus on how you
and your groom-to-be live day-to-day. If you’re a casual couple, embrace it,
even if it means there’s not a single piece of china on your registry. And
we’ll bet the set you inherit from your family will not only mean more
sentimentally, but will also be more timeless.

Items with one specific purpose – like a rice cooker, panini
press or ice cream maker – are often chosen for registries and then discarded.
So again, know how you and your fiancé function. Do you dread cooking? Do you
secretly prefer Eggo frozen waffles over homemade ones? If so, choose items
you’ll actually use, even if you think your guests will question your decision
(maybe your maid of honor LOVES her electric knife, and that’s totally
fine…each couple is different.) Remember: expensive cooking tools will not make
you a better cook! However, if you’re all about preparing meals and
entertaining, go for it – register for things you will use and love for years
to come!

Also, if you’re a couple that tends to err on the side of convenience, choose items that you wouldn’t mind leaving out — like a nice stainless steel coffee maker. Skip the crazy colors that might clash with your decor tastes later in life, and forgo the super-cheap option for something attractive enough to sit on your counter until you get around to putting it away.

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When In Doubt, Go
With Classics
Now, I don’t mean register for popular items that are on
many advice sites checklists, I mean opt for classic styles that will never
outgrow your tastes as a couple. Style-specific items you love in your twenties
can seem incredibly outdated once you hit the big 3-0. It’s too expensive to
re-buy everything a second time around, so choose timeless pieces that you can
dress up or down with more inexpensive details.

Some kitchen items we think never go out of style:
-White everyday dishes
-Clear glasses
-Basic, durable flatware

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Listen To Couples Who Have Gone Before You
Chat with your married friends, parents and coworkers about
their registries – what do they still use? What did they register for and later
regret? What do they wish they’d put on their list? Hindsight is 20-20, so ask
the pros!

Some items we think are great staples (though they may not
be for everyone!):
-Set of knives in a knife block
-Quality set of pots and pans
-Serving bowls
-Nesting mixing bowls
-A crock pot or slow cooker
-Nice vacuum
-White, fluffy towels
-White, high thread count sheets
-Frames for your wedding photos!
-Set of quality tools

How about y’all…what did you register for that you still
love? Anything you regret? What about things you wish you would’ve known you

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