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Wedding Videographers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & Cary, NC

Are you hosting a NC wedding and trying to decide whether or not to hire a wedding videographer? Wedding films have come a long way since the days of yesteryear when Uncle Joe would set up a tripod in a corner and film the entirety of your big day from start to finish. Today, the wedding videographer still captures all of those special moments, but then creates a beautiful, edited short film of the most precious moments. Video will give you a precious record of your wedding vows and other moments you and the groom may miss, and that cannot necessarily be captured in a photograph. With a wedding film, you will step right back in time and relive the day.

When you hire a wedding videographer in NC, you can expect to receive a short film, sometimes a trailer, and sometimes, if requested and depending on the package, the raw footage of the ceremony, speeches, and first dances. The part that we (as in you, the couple, and us the wedding geeks!) all look forward to most is the short film, which if created by a true professional, is a work of art. They are usually set to music with important words like vows or speeches overlaid into the movie.

Selecting a wedding videographer with a style that compliments your wedding tone and your personal style is very important. Keep your wedding videographer in the loop on logistics and timeline. While they are mainly undetected on your wedding day, they will be around during intimate moments, so make sure that you are comfortable and feel natural with your wedding videographer present, above and beyond everything.

We highly recommend our SB&G Preferred videographer below. Visit their website and peruse their films.

Downtown Wilmington Wedding Erin Costa Photography

Erin Costa Photography

Creating Elegant, Real and Enduring Photographs
  • Location: Hampstead
Twenty One Films NC wedding videographer

Twenty-One Films

Handcrafted Cinematic Productions
  • Location: Raleigh