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Wedding Beauty Tips: Eyelash Extensions

You’re knee deep in planning your perfect day. Venue: check! Wedding planner: check! Catering and photographer: check! Now, you’re on to the personal stuff: gown, veil, hair, makeup and…eyelashes? Yes, eyelashes. Who knew there were so many options for that bright-eyed, bushy-tailed bridal look? Jennifer Buenviaje, co-owner and lash stylist at Makeup for Your Day, is here to give you the lowdown on the hottest trend in bridal beauty – semi-permanent eyelash extensions.eyelash-extensionsPhoto: Renee Sprink Photography

What are they exactly?
Lash extensions are natural or artificial “hairs” applied one-by-one to each one of your natural eyelashes. The adhesive used for semi-permanent lash extensions is an FDA-approved medical-grade adhesive that is designed to bond smooth non-porous surfaces (the lash extension) to porous ones (your natural eyelash). With proper application, the adhesive nor the lash extension never touch your actual skin on the eyelid.

How are they applied?
The process of applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions is both a tedious as well as luxurious experience. Usually, your lash stylist will need at least an hour and a half on your first visit for a full set of lashes.  During this time, you lie back on a massage table or in our studio, a super comfy oversized recliner, and most likely will fall asleep while the lash stylist applies your new set of fluffy, wispy lashes. The process is not painful (if you experience pain or discomfort please speak up to your lash stylist because this is NOT a time for “no pain, no gain” mentality) and the lashes will last you up to 3-4 weeks –sometimes more—with proper care and maintenance.

When should you get them done?
In our studio, we recommend coming in 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding to have your first set applied. This allows us the flexibility to adjust the length, fullness and curl of your eyelash extensions the week before or the week of your big day in order to make sure they are absolutely perfect for your professional photos. We also recommend having them done 3-4 weeks in advance so that any irritation or allergy to the adhesive or the lashes can be resolved should a client have a negative reaction. While it is rare, some people are allergic to the adhesive/glue or simply have allergies flare up with the manipulation of the lash line during certain times of the year. We wouldn’t want a puffy, red-eyed bride on her wedding day so we highly suggest at least getting a trial with 5-10 lashes applied before the week of your wedding if you can’t spring for the full set and a fill in on the week of the wedding due to budget constraints.Raleigh-wedding-makeupPhoto: Fancy This Photography

What is the typical cost?
For a full set of eyelash extensions, you will find pricing ranging from $79 up to $300 in some areas.  Why the big difference? Well, this is where we have to lean back on the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. Just like we’d hope you wouldn’t use a Groupon for your first experience with an injectable (needles, filler, Botox, oh my!) the same goes for eyelash extensions. This is medical-grade adhesive that most doctors and surgeons use to close wounds…being used around your EYES. Make sure you do your research on the lash stylist and company you choose to hire and make certain they are both certified and that they really will take their TIME to make sure your lash set is done in a pristine manner. No rush jobs here; these are the windows to your soul, after all! And that, my dears (pun totally intended), is what you’re paying for. The time it takes to make sure a lash stylist only applies one lash per your natural lash is worth spending a little extra in the budget for. It can make the difference between haphazard placement of glue that can cause premature fallout of your natural lash fibers and a meticulously gorgeous set of Bambi-inspired flutterers.

Contributed by Jennifer Buenviaje, co-owner and lash stylist at Makeup for Your Day. Makeup for Your Day offers by-appointment-only sessions week days and some appointments on weekends for our out-of-state brides.

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