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Wedding Bouquet Trends

Wedding bouquets, just like wedding details in general, are becoming more of a statement about the bride’s personality, unique tastes and style. Bouquet styles range from traditional and symmetrical to just-gathered and cascading, and are a wonderful way to reflect the theme and feel of the wedding day. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding bouquet trends.

Traditional bouquets are small symmetrical, round bouquets. Though they are classically all white or white with touches of green, some brides are putting a new spin on traditional bouquets and incorporating romantic colors like blush or peach, and even bold, bright blooms in reds or fuschias.

Traditional Bridal Bouquets

Neil Boyd Photography / Cyn Kain Photography

Informal bouquets are asymmetrical and have that just-picked-from-the-garden feel. They are styled to reflect movement, and are incredibly popular with brides who want huge, lush bouquets with a wide range of blooms in different colors, shapes, and textures.

Informal Bridal Bouquets

Dara Blakeley Photography / Nancy Ray Photography

Cascading bouquets are voluminous and long in length. They’re becoming increasingly popular because they can be made to fit any wedding theme – from soft and romantic to vintage and glamorous. Today, brides are making them even more striking by tying many different lengths of ribbons to the stems.

Cascading Bridal Bouquets
Renee Sprink Photography /Sarah Gawler Photography

Natural bouquets feature beautiful foliage, like ivy, ferns, herbs, berries, and succulents. These bouquets are striking because of their unusual elements and variety of textures.

Natural Bridal Bouquets

Megapixie / Dave Richard Photography

As you can see, some brides are even combining some of their favorite trends, like natural and cascading or informal and cascading, into their own beautiful, unique bouquets.

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