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  • Raleigh Area 3708 Benson Drive 919-924-0560

SPIN – One of the Best Raleigh Wedding DJs and Production Teams

Ryan Pflumm launched SPIN after a longstanding career as a Raleigh wedding DJ. With this endeavor, he sought to bring a more upscale vibe to NC weddings. This includes both the quality of custom service DJ experience, as well as the production offerings to make local weddings shine.

Infused – a Wedding DJ with Live Band Combination in Raleigh NC

In addition to a team of fantastic wedding DJs, SPIN works with a local band. The combination of the DJ and a live band is a fantastic option for a wedding. It’s the best of both worlds, and a memorable experience. The group that is available for local weddings is called Infused. Ask Ryan about these options!

Meet Ryan Pflumm – SPIN Owner

Ryan has extensive club and wedding experience. He are dedicated to further education through local event professional organizations – in fact, Jenna from SB&G has sat on the board of local event organization, Triangle NACE (National Association of Catering & Events), alongside Ryan. He is the current president of this prestigious event professional organization.  In addition to running local boards, he is also a speaker, both locally and nationally.

SB&G has recommended Ryan and SPIN for over a decade – as we knew him well before SPIN even launched. We value his industry wisdom, musical talent and friendship, and cannot recommend him highly enough!